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By all accounts the Saunders family generously opened their home Springfield in the late 1800s and the early twentieth century. George Saunders and his wife Elizabeth were from rural backgrounds – George came from the small village of Whitwell in Hertfordshire, England and Elizabeth was a farmer’s daughter from Cappyroe, Offaly, Ireland. They carried the hospitality of rustic life learnt in their homelands to Springfield, hosting such activities as a New Year’s Eve 1891 house party for thirty guests.

Modern Saunders Beach unknowingly carried on this tradition when the Saunders Beach rural fire brigade put on the first kids’ Christmas Party on the beach at the northern end of Reef Street in 1990.

1990 Tug-of-war.

1990 Tug-of-war.

1990 Santa

1990 Reef Street car park (now Saunders Park).



NanKivell Park



1993 Reef Street carpark1994


1995 A magician

1995 A magician



Reef Street carpark

Reef Street car park

2006 Carols were held in the Saunders Beach Community Centre hall,

2006 Carolsand then


2008 - printed in the Beach Banter2015

The route that Santa took on Christmas morning 2015 is at https://www.facebook.com/SaundersBeach/photos/a.280630193153.185934.100258748153/10154385132083154/?type=3&theatre

All these photos (except 2015) are from albums thoughtfully left in the care of the Community Centre by departing locals.

Do you have any more photos or memories of these events? Saunders Beach History Project would love to hear from you via a comment below or email to saundersbeachhistoryproject@yahoo.com