Nature Inspired

One thing that we can all agree about is the natural beauty of Saunders Beach – a largely unknown piece of paradise by the sea ‘somewhere’ on the north coast of Queensland, Australia. The village atmosphere draws people here from around Australia and the world especially during the calm winter months.

Natural beauty throughout the seasons provides limitless inspiration to local artists and visitors alike – stunning sunsets, sunrises, the islands out to sea, the sandy beach as long as the eye can sea. A sense of peace. The gently swaying Casuarinas.

In Nature Inspired we acknowledge some of the visual artists, photographers, writers, bush poets, quilters and weavers who have gained inspiration from the stunning natural environment of Saunders and used it in their work.

Are you artistically inspired by Saunders Beach? Have you created something special and taken your inspiration from the natural environment here? Contact us, we’d love to feature some of your work here.

1 thought on “Nature Inspired”

  1. Lanette West said:

    Looking forward to seeing some of the wonderful artistic creations, and reading the poems and stories from the many talented people who have been inspired by our very special Saunders Beach.

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