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Lanette West is a visual artist inspired by the natural beauty of the unspoiled mangroves at Saunders Beach. “I first visited Saunders Beach in the mid-1970s as a teenager when one of my friend’s families owned a holiday house in Cay Street.”

It's Party Time by Lanette West

It’s Party Time by Lanette West

Lanette continues:

In August 2011 my husband and I purchased a property at beautiful Saunders Beach.

At this time I was completing a Diploma of Visual Arts at the Barrier Reef Institute of TAFE Pimlico Campus, where the students were encouraged to explore different concepts, media and techniques to produce a series of artworks. My inspiration came from a particular area of Mangroves which I found to be quite unique in shape, texture and colour, resulting in the creation of the ‘Mangrove Series’ of contemporary artworks.

Mangrove I by Lanette West

Mangrove I by Lanette West

My aim was to explore mixed media techniques and these artworks may include a mixture of acrylic paint, oil pastel, Gel and Impasto mediums and substrates of multi-media paper, canvas and wood.

Mangrove II by Lanette West

Mangrove II by Lanette West

The Saunders Beach landscape holds a wealth of inspiration for me and I have taken the path of a contemporary/abstract genre for quite a number of the artworks, creating an opportunity for viewers to see this landscape in a different light. The works are meant to be fun, colourful and uplifting.

The Mangrove Ladies Visit the City (to reminisce on where their Ancestors once lived)

The Mangrove Ladies Visit the City (to reminisce on where their Ancestors once lived)

These four images are just a small selection of the many artworks now completed, some of which have been included in local exhibitions. I have thoroughly enjoyed showing my artwork inspired by Saunders Beach to you. If you would like to see more I can be reached on lanette.west@gmail.com

Lanette West

Are you or do you know someone inspired by Saunders Beach in their creative life? We’d love to feature more locally inspired artists, poets, photographers, writers, quilters and weavers here. Please let us know in the comments section below or by email to saundersbeachhistoryproject@yahoo.com.

Since the publication of the above post local newspaper, the Townsville Sun in the Rachel Afflick What’s on planner of 3rd November 2015 shows Lanette and Driftwood I, an artwork from her Driftwood Series.

Driftwood I

Driftwood I

TheSun 3Nov15 p14CRPD2

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